Are You Anti-Manifesting?

Do you want to start manifesting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want?

First of all, you have to understand that the Law of Attraction is a law of the universe. Therefore, it cannot be ignored, broken, reversed, or negated in any way. Just like the Law of Gravity! The Law of Gravity acts upon you every second of your life, as does the Law of Attraction. You are always in a state of constant vibration. In addition, you vibrate at different frequencies throughout the day and throughout your life. When you vibrate (which is always) you are drawing to you those things, people, and situations that are vibrating at that same frequency. We call this manifesting. Most importantly, the longer you stay at a frequency, the more of those matching people and things show up!

You are a radio station broadcasting your current frequency.

Your vibration is like a radio signal broadcasting from a huge tower. There are receivers everywhere, waiting to receive your matching frequency. However, if your frequency is not a match to a receiver, it cannot perceive you. And vice versa! You can’t perceive those receivers tuned to different frequency. For example, if you believe you are lucky, you vibrate at that specific frequency. As a result, you send out a signal that says “OPEN TO GOOD LUCK!” That signal causes the things, people or situations that result in you being lucky to start moving towards you. If you stay at that frequency long enough, they reach you, which is the act of manifesting! Unfortunately, if you are sending out a signal that you are unlucky, or broke, or stupid, or get taken advantage of, or anything negative, all those receivers head off in your direction too!

Did you know that often we are actually using the Law of Attraction to engage in ANTI MANIFESTING?

Anti manifesting means we are actually repelling the things we are trying to manifest! The Law of Attraction is in effect 24/7 whether you understand it or not. There are many things that most people do to inadvertently use the Law of Attraction to literally block themselves from getting anything they want. And the more we want something, the more likely we are to repel it through the Law of Attraction.

I have compiled a list of the 5 most common ways we are accidentally manifesting a block to getting the very things we want without realizing it.

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